Mediterranean diet

Olive oil is the basis of the Mediterranean diet, recognised by doctors and nutritionists around the world because it is rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes and natural fats like olive oil—all of which promote a healthy lifestyle.

It is shown that in cultures where eating habits follow those of the Mediterranean diet, people have a longer life expectancy, less illnesses and are less likely to be overweight or be diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.

Ybarra exports a philosophy of life based on a Mediterranean diet suited to all types of cuisines, so its oils can be used daily. The repeated use of these oils helps to form part of a healthier diet.

Mediterranean diet
Olive oil is considered the crown of the Mediterranean diet and its use has endured throughout the centuries, giving unique flavours and aromas to dishes, along with countless nutrients that take care of your health.
Eat everything, don’t overdo anything. And as a general rule, eat more vegetables than meat.